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Sun Chemical Supply Co.,LTD
◇ Sincere Chemical Co.,LTD
◇ Sun Coating Tech Co.,LTD
Shangqin Trade Co.,LTD (Shenzhen)
Sun Chemical(Hangzhou)Co.,Ltd.

1957 Sun Chemical Supply was established

1960 General agent of for Nippon Gohsei`s PVA in Taiwan
1965 Distribution by agent of wool spinning oil and operates coning oil and spin finsh
1970 Introducing and sales agent of Nippon Nozzle Co.,Ltd of Spinerette
1975 Agent of Japan Fuji Tio2 and Permachem Asia Co.,Ltd of chemical fibre spin finish bacterricide
1976 Distrbutor of ChangChun Group`s PVA
1977   Agent of Goulston Technologies Inc of synthectic fibre oil
1978 Agent of German Fleissner wool and Shrink-proof/Dryer equipment
1989 Distributor of surface harden treat finishing agent for Japan and USA.  Sincere Chemical Co.,LTD is founded
1992 Beijing Sun Chemical branch office established
2000 Distributor of Master Batch for Japan DIC of PET and Nylon
2004 Hangzhou China branch office established
2005 Dongguan Xingye Trade Co.,LTD was founded
2005 Distributor for Dairen Chemical Corporation`s PTMEG
2008 Shangqin Trade Co,.LTD(Shenzhen) and Hangzhou Branche office established
2010 Hangzhou Branch was named Hangzhou Sun Chemical Co.,LTD the agent rights for Nippon Nozzle Co.,Ltd 
                       of Spinerette ended