Sun Chemical Group was established in 1957, as a sales agent of Nippon Gohsei, mainly business is PVA slurry for sizing in textile.
  • Textile industry was initiated with small scale in the 60s of Taiwan, poorly equipped and lack of technical experience. Therefore, we devoted ourselves in strengthening the textile industry. by obtaining integrated information and technology from Japan.
  • In the 70s, synthetic fiber industry grown robustly in Taiwan which gave Sun Chemical the opportunity to introduce advanced equipment and spin finishes from Japan. We are extremely responsive and very knowledgeable regarding relevant industry standards and offering these smart solution to our clients’ business.
Sun Chemical group make lots of efforts on synthetic fiber industries and gained great reputation in the domestic market, moreover, wins high appraisals from foreign clients. For instance, US professional spin finish manufacturer, Goulston Technologies, Inc, choose to cooperate with Sun Chemical to prompt spinning finish to various textile applications and we provide our perfect service and product in return..

The company formed an affiliate, Sincere Chemical, as a sales agent for Chang Chun Group of PVA, now in its 45th year, and also for Dairen Chemical Corporation of VAE. With strong support from customers, Sincere Chemical expanded its fields from textile, paper, glue stick connection and plastics to the electronics industry. According to miscellaneous challenge, we are determined to improve our efficiency, reducing cost and strengthen the competitiveness.
  • Facing enormous China market, we established branch office in Shenzhen in 2004 and Hangzhou in 2010; we also set up offices in Zhengzhou and Chengdu. There will be more branches to be established in the near future.
  • In the year of 2010, Sun Chemical group established a new corporate, Sun Coating Technologies Co., Ltd., and earn the representative agency of SDC Coating Technology for promoting hard-coating materials. According to different functions of hard-coatings, they can be applied on optical lens, safety lens and sun-glass ones. Moreover, Sun Coating obtained another sales agency from FSICT which owned by SDC Coating Technology in 2012. The technology provided by FSICT is anti-fogging surface treatment and it enhances performance on lens. With multi-functional hard-coatings, Sun Coating is successfully acquiring sales achievement on various lens applications, even in European market. In the year of 2017, Sun Coating introduced Vela 3D Cure equipment to accelerate curing speed. The mechanism contributes to saving curing time on lens greatly and this equipment is adapted by certain advanced lens manufacturers around the world. In the year of 2018, Sun Coating became a partner of Borer which is a professional cleaning solution.
  • With strong motivation to exploit potential application in southbound countries and expand new businesses, Sun Chemical set up a branch in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam in 2017 and officially obtained business license in 2018. Vietnam was chosen to be a starting point to systematically promote various products, then further to the cities in southeast of Asia.
  • In 2019, Sun Chemical Supply becomes a strategic alliance to broaden Applied DNA’s presence in Asia, enabling the adoption of the CertainT platform across textiles, footwear, accessories and component value chains. The DNA technology and Certain T ® platform of Applied DNA Science allow raw materials and products to be tagged with a unique molecular identifier so they can be traced back in every segment of manufacturing processes to make sure the raw materials are well controlled and secure products quality and life safety for consumers.
Sun Chemical group will always insist our philosophies of fortitude and commitment being 60 years, higher standard, diversified and professional services will be provided for the suppliers and customers.