Grafted Starch:
Graft copolymer of starch is a new type of polymer material. It uses hydrophilic and semi-rigid starch macromolecules as the backbone. It uses physical and chemical methods to initiate the generation of free radicals and copolymerizes with olefinic monomers. Adjust the ratio of the hydrophilic and lipophilic segment structure so that it not only has polysaccharide compounds, intermolecular forces and reactivity, but also has the stability of mechanical and biological interactions of synthetic polymers and the ability to expand the structure of linear methods.

Advantage of Graft starch slurry in Sizing:
Based on the advanced technology of graft technology , through the multiple deep denaturation processes of etherification, esterification and grafting of various propylene monomers, the sizing performance of our slurry is significantly improved compared to other starch derivatives. It is suitable for sizing of various warp yarns of fine count and high density fabrics, with low warp breakage and more high efficiency.


Because of the irregular arrangement of macromolecules, it has excellent serous film flexibility, which overcomes the "Hard and Crispy" defect of normal starch serous films. When used with normal starch, it can greatly improve the physical and mechanical properties of the starch, also improved the serous film`s elongation and buckling resistance.

Not only has good adhesion to cotton、T / C and various new fiber yarns, but also has less resistance when split the yarns during sizing, and the reduce the second hairiness by more than 30%

Advantages of grafted starch -Eco-friendly

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Remark:The above parameters are in mg/L