Our chemical division has actively contributed to the development of Taiwan's textile industry for a long time, and continues to serve the traditional textile industry to this day. In addition, we provide several new products and sales people have been added to work with customers and partners to work together for the sustainable development of Taiwan's chemical industry. 
Chemical division mainly sell the chemical material of the Chang Chun Group and Dalian Chemical. It can provide relevant information and products in the textile, coating, construction, resin, electronics and other industries; In addition, it also develops in cooperation with overseas bases and trading companies. Through professional knowledge and analysis, accurately understand the needs of customers, actively introduce overseas manufacturers with advanced manufacturing technologies, etc., and work together to expand abroad markets and develop new global businesses.


TEXTILE、Resin synthesis of water base、water based paint and coating、water based construction material、 water based adhesive
  • Commodity Chemicals: PVA(Polyvinyl alcohol)、VAE(Vinyl Acetate-Ethylene Copolymer Emulsion)、Water based Acrylic Emulsion、 Nano Colloidal silica、GAA、H2O(hydrogen peroxide)、100% Bio-degradable plastic.
  • Fine Chemical:
    Hardener、Biocide and preservative。Others by request.