Hard Coat

Double Coat System (MP Series)
MP Series (Multi-purpose)

Outstanding anti-scratch:
SDC develops few multi purpose coating to greatly elevate performances and also provide stable quality to perfectly adhere to different substrates especially for sunglasses, sports goggles, military lens and safety goggles to its high clarity and durability. Those coating could also adapt to aerospace, architecture, automobile and electronics.
  • excellent adhesion
  • outstanding weatherability
  • high standard anti-scratch
Primer Free (PF Series)
PF Series (Primer-free)

Primer free coating exceed our competitors in anti-scratch and chemical resistant. In manipulation, PF coating have good stability and longevity in use and designed for RX lens, Sun lens, military goggles, safety goggles, etc..
  • anti-scratch, chemical resistant, impact resistant
  • good optical clarity
  • excellent adhesion in PC and PA substrate
  • compatible with AR coating