Vinyl Acetate-Ethylene Emulsion ( VAE Emulsion )
 is a copolymer of vinyl acetate with low ethylene content having been developed as a powerful adhesive base, which offers the following special characteristics : Initial Adhesive Strength High Wet Tack, Good Creep Resistance, Water Resistance, Alkali Resistance, Good Thickening Response, Operation Safety.


【 Flow Sheet of VAE 】 



Application for VAE

The main applications are as follows:
VAE Emulsion can bond a greater variety of surface than presently available polyvinyl acetate emulsion
base, and particularly effective in bonding polyvinyl chloride films. The EVA emulsion effectively bonds such
widely variety substrate as paper, wood, cotton cloth, hardboard, urethane foam and certain types of coated
paperboard. EVA Emulsion also effectively uses for civil and construction works to improve the adhesive power
and water resistance of mortar.

Recommended ● Useful
 Adhesives(Fumiture Decorate)    Adhesives(Parquet)
‧Excellent heat resistance
‧Excellent adhesive strength
‧Excellent setting speed
‧Excellent setting speed
‧Excellent creeping resistance
 Adhesives(Automotive industry)    Adhesives(Packaging&Paper Converying)
‧Excellent creep resistance
‧Excellent adhesion
‧Excellent setting speed
‧Excellent hold out
‧Excellent process property
 Paint&Coating(EVA emulsion for coating)    Paint&Coating(waterproof on concrete )
‧Low odor
‧Low VOC
‧Superior shielding power
‧Excellent wet scrubing resistance
‧Excellent formulation with other additives
‧Excellent flexibility
‧Excellent water resistance
 Textile&Nonwoven    Construction
‧Excellent anti-aging properties
‧Formaldehyde Free
‧Excellent flexibility
‧Excellent water resistance

Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate-Vinyl Chloride Emulsion is a terpolymer of Ethylene, Vinyl Acetate and Vinyl Chloride.

Ethylene- Vinyl Chloride Copolymer Emulsion is a copolymer of Ethylene and Vinyl Chloride with amide functionality. It has superior fire retardant, water and alkali resistance property.

[Flow Sheet of EVAVC/EVCL]

Application for EVA-VC/EVCL】


It has excellent water resistance and fire retardant property as well as cross-linking property to provide good cohesion and adhesion with wide range of materials, especially adhesion to fiberglass, metal, PVC film, porous substance woods and wall paper. It forms a clear film with low surface tackiness, good resistance to alkali, light and aging.

It is widely used in paper, fiber and non-woven and carpet industries. The emulsion forms a clear film with a tough and good block resistance.。

Recommended ● Useful



 Textile Treatment




‧Excellent bonding strength
‧Excellent water and heat resistance


‧Excellent flocking strength
‧High resistant to water and solvent
‧Flame retardant


 Non-woven Fabric Binder


 Paper Impregnation Binder




‧Good wet strength
‧Flame retardant


‧Good tensile strength
‧Good bending strength


 Car Sheet & Carpet Backing Coating




‧High dry and wet bonding strength
‧Flame retardant
‧Good heat resistance