PVA Introduction
Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), a white/yellowish granule or powder, is a stable, non-toxic, and water-soluble polymer. PVA possesses good film-forming property, and the film formed from it has excellent adhesion, solvent-resistance, abrasion-resistance, high tensile strength, and great oxygen barrier property. Due to PVA possesses both hydrophilic and hydrophobic functional groups, it can act as surfactant, and can be used as a protective colloid in polymer emulsification and suspension polymerization.

PVA Application:
(1) Warp sizing agent: Protective coating for natural fiber and synthetic fiber.
(2) Textile/Fabric finishing chemicals: Textile finisging chemicals used in processing, giving textile more stiff, anti-wrinkle, anti-shrinking, or other specific properties.
(3) Screen printing: Temporary adhesive for screen printing machine.
(4) Paper industry: Paper adhesive, re-wetting adhesive, surface coating, pigment coating, and internal sizing.
(5) Plywood, woodworking industry: Modifier for thermosetting resins.
(6) PVAc, PVC, PS: Stabilizer for emulsion, protective colloids.
(7) Construction industry: Cement additives, and molding adhesives.
(8) Raw material for PVA sponge and grinding discs sanding paper
(9) Packaging material: PVA films.
(10) Printing industry: Screen printing photosensitive films (photographic plate photosensitive film), and zinc plate printing photosensitive films.

PVA Grades and Specifications
1.Standard Grades

2.Tackified Grades

3.Fine Particle(5) Grades, S-grades
4.Low Foaming Grades

  1. Viscosity of a 4 wt% standard grade PVA solution at 20°C which is determined by Brookfield Viscometer with UL adapter.
  2. Calcuated as Na2O.
  3. pH is determined by pH meter at 20°C.
  4. Viscosity of a 10 wt% tackified grade PVA solution which is determined by Brookfield Viscometer at 25°C.
  5. Particle size of standard grades is all passes through 10-mesh screen.

PVA solution is produced by dissolving our own PVA with water. In consideration that some customers do not have their own dissolution equipment, these aqueous solutions are typically formulated according to the specifications of our customers, and thereby adding values and further improving the business image.
Product Series:
F1712, P2420
Product Application:
Stationery and paper adhesive: Glues, paper adhesives
Label adhesive: Bottle labeling adhesives.